Gobo for SN-5260

Gobos are special light modifiers used to achieve a variety of lighting effects. Thanks to their variety of designs, we can increase the effectivity of our shots in a few moments.

Quadralite Spot SN-5000

The Quadralite L-60 projection lens is designed to work with the SN-5260 optical snoot.

Quadralite Spot SN-5000

Quadralite PRO SN-5260 is an optical snoot that allows to precise illumination of objects. Full control over the light is achieved through the use of lens optic. In addition, snoot has a holder for gobo masks. This allows you to transform it into a projection snoot with a very wide field of application.

quantuum spot

Cone-shaped Spot with lens can be used to focus a beam of light that is comming from the flash. It is generally used when a photographer wants only a small part of the subject or scene to be lighten.

Snoot SN-5002 strumienica

An adaptor used to focus the flash light beam. With the adaptor you can additionally expose a selected fragment of the exposure. The kit also includes templates allowing to obtain interesting light effects.

Snoot Pro SN-5001

Quadralite Snoot Pro is a specialist adapter for studio flashes allowing for precise lighting of selected fragments of a photographed scene or an object. With the large-size tube and open construction, the snoot ensures good ventilation of a flash reflector. The device is especially recommended for use with fast Quadralite Pulse Pro flashes.

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