The set is distinguished by higher flash output than the lamps included in the Up! X 400. There are two Quadralite Up! X 300, two lighting stands, a white transparent umbrella, an umbrella softbox and dish. Such a completed set will allow you to take pictures of different nature, and at the same time it is an ideal introduction to studio photography. More lamps and additional modifiers will allow you to diversify the photos during the session.


Up! X 300 lamps are extremely compact and light. Dedicated especially to amateurs who want to start their adventure in studio photography. They will also work well as extra gear to studio equipment for professionals. More power allows you to illuminate objects from a greater distance. By integral Navigator X receiver they can be easily wirelessly triggered and changed the flash power. The built-in Bowens mount allows you to expand your studio with additional light modifiers, such as Softboxes or Beauty Dishes.




Fast and accurate

The Up! X is equipped with wide power output adjustment range of 5 f-stops (1/1 – 1/32) adjustable in 1/10th-stop which is quite unique in this price range. Beside this high level of precision, Up! X is also fast and can recycle in less than 1,5s even when maximum power output is used. The shortest flash duration of 1/1600s (t0.1) is reached at maximum flash power output.


Wireless control

Up! X strobes are equipped with built-in Navigator X wireless system receiver. This feature allows full wireless control and triggering up to 100m. Up! X can be controlled by other flashes (for example: Stroboss 60 or Stroboss 36 speedlites), or by Navigator X and X2 radio controllers up to cameras x-sync speed in manual mode (TTL is not supported). Up! X is also equipped with USB port where Navigator Kit receivers may be plugged in and flash can be used in the same setup with older Quantuum and Quadralite flashes. There is also an option to use any third-party radio triggers via standard sync socket (Jack 3.5mm) or optical slave cell when needed.


Practical and functional

Rear panel is equipped with large LCD screen featuring high visibility at almost any angle. All flash status information are presented there for user convenience even in bright ambient light. Flash power output can be adjusted by knob located on the right side of LCD. There is also a set of five buttons delivering easy access to all flash features and functions such as wireless modes, sound signal, etc. Modeling light can be used in manual mode or linked to adjusted flash power level.


Small and light

Up! X features plastic made housing to ensure low weight (1.3kg only). Tripod clamp is also made of plastic however it’s reinforced with metal in critical places. Ergonomically designed and placed handle, ensures comfortable and easy operation when mounted on tripod.



Up! X can be used with broad selection of small and medium size light modifiers such as: reflectors, softboxes (up to 120 cm in diameter), snoots, beauty-dishes, umbrellas and other accessories equipped with Bowens-type mount.


Pictures of Up! X 300




  • energy range 1/32 (9 Ws) ~ 1/1 (300Ws).
  • color temperature 5600 K ± 300 K
  • high contrast monochrome LCD
  • max power 150W
  • built-in navigator X receiver
  • lightweight and compact housing with Bowens-type mount.


Kit includes

  • 2x flash Quadralite Up! X 300,
  • light stand 200 cm high,
  • white transparent umbrella: 81 cm,
  • umbrella softbox: 81 cm,
  • dish: 15 cm,
  • sync cable,
  • power cable,
  • pilot halogen,
  • spare fuses,
  • user manual.



The Up! X series lamps have passive cooling. After using the lamp for about 10 minutes, turn off the lamp for about 1 minute to cool down. If you plug in a Snoot accessory, please turn off the modeling bulb to prevent the lamp from overheating with the accessory.



Model Up! X 300
Product type Studio flash
Max energy output 300Ws
Guide Number1(@1/1, ISO100, 18cm Reflector) 58m
Color Temperature 5600K±300K
Energy range 1/32 (9Ws) ~ 1/1 (200Ws)
Recycle time 0.3 s – 1.2 s
Flash Modes M
High Speed Sync No
Flash Duration (t=0.1) 1/700 s - 1/1600 s (1/32 - 1/1)
Stroboscopic Flash (Multi) No
Type Halogen
Max power 150W
Color Temperature 3300K
Modes manual/proportional/OFF
Navigator X Yes (Built-in)
Wireless Modes Slave/OFF
Channels 32
Groups 16
Power supply AC220V – 240V ~ 50Hz
Sync socket Yes (3.5mm Jack)
Slave cell Yes
Cooling Passive
Firmware upgrade No
Ready indicator Visual and sound signal
Display Dot-matrix hi-contrast LCD
Temperature range +10ºC - +40ºC
Dimensions 12,6 cm x 20 cm x 23 cm
Weight 1,4kg



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