Quadralite Crescent is a curved reflective panel designed specifically for portrait photos. Unlike a traditional flat reflector, the effect created by the curvature of the reflective surface provides the perfect filling needed to illuminate the subject's face.

The reflector can be folded so that the reflective material curves in a concave or convex manner, providing a more versatile reflection of the light.




The frame has a tiltable bracket that allows it to be attached to a standard lighting stand mount, it also allows you to adjust the angle of the reflector.

Ideal for fashion, beauty, and portrait photographers, it fills in the hard shadows created by light directed at the subject from above.

The reflector can be used with any light source; LED lights, flash, sunlight.

The tiltable bracket can be angled to achieve the required level of fill light.


Set contains:

  • reflector,
  • rack,
  • tripod holder,
  • bag,


Technical data

Model Quadralite crescent reflector
Product type Reflector
Surface Silver
Dimensions 60cm x 145cm x 50cm



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