Quadralite reflector with a diameter of 18 cm and a depth of 11 cm was created for use with Quadralite studio and outdoor lamps as well as lamps from other brands equipped with the popular Bowens mount. It is a basic accessory in every photo studio and on film sets, allowing you to easily control the light during shooting. The new reflective coating designed by Quadralite allows you to effectively increase the level of reflection of the light coming from the lamp. The angle of incidence of light is 90°, and by dint of the improved reflective surface and the special shape of the reflector, the light coming from the lamp is 18% stronger than while using a standard reflector. It will work great in portrait and product photography, it allows you to properly emphasize details and by dint of it we can light up from longer distance. It can be used for the main light, but also as fill, contour or effect light. The reflector let you to direct and optimally control the incident light. Made of aluminum, it guarantees durability and long-term use with a low weight of 125g.




Key features:

  • diameter 18 cm and depth 11 cm,
  • light distribution angle 90°,
  • the strenght of reflected light is 18% higher than in the case of classic reflector (mesuring 1 m),
  • made of aluminium,
  • bowens mount,
  • can be used with all types of lamps.



Object/Distance 1 m 3 m
Standard reflector 23200 lx 2080 lx
Reflector with increased reflection 27400 lx 2270 lx


The kit includes:

  • 1x Quadralite reflector 18 cm / 7”,
  • 1x packaging.



Model Quadralite reflector 18 cm (7 inch) with increased reflection
Size 18 cm / 7"
Mount type Bowens
Material Aluminum
Angle of light distribution 90°
Dept 11 cm
Weight 125 g
Color Black with silver inside



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