Quadralite Honeycomb Grid for Beauty Dish reflectors limits unwanted light spill and helps to direct the beam of light on a given part of the subject. The characteristics of light, color and contrast remains unchanged. Honeycomb Grids are very useful when precision of lightning is crucial.

Honeycomb Grid emphasizes the unique light quality that is produced by Quantuum Beauty Dish reflectors. It helps to precisely direct the light beam onto desired part of the subject and to create more stage alike feel on the pictures.

Quadralite Honeycomb Grids are made form high quality materials to ensure long life and durability of the product.

Quadralite Honeycomb Grids are available in three sizes to fit all Beauty Dish reflectors: 42, 55 and 70cm.





  • precise light control
  • minimum level of unwanted light spill
  • extremely useful in beauty, glamour and portrait shoots



Model: Quadralite Honeycomb Grid for Beauty Dish
Diameter: 42cm 55cm 70cm
Can be used with: Quadralite Beauty Dish 42cm Quadralite Beauty Dish 55cm Quadralite Beauty Dish 70cm
Depth: 20mm
Density: 6mm



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