An octagonal softbox is generally used during portrait sessions as it adds a characteristic, really natural shiny reflection in the eye of a photo subject, and produces extremely soft and diffused lighting. Deep Octa Softbox features more deeply rooted lamp, thereby emiitting much more focused beam of light in comparison to the traditional octagonal softbox. This allows for better control over the beam of light and adds contrast to the photos, even though it preserves light softness typical of these softboxes.

In addition to the main, front dispersive plane, the softbox also comes with an internal diffuser. This gives more even light distribution and unusual lighting softness.

The front part houses a flange for fast assembly (Velcro mount) of a honeycomb grid. Structure of the mounting ring allows for trouble-free and seamless softbox rotation by 360 degrees. Framework is strengthened by four steel bars, which maintain external fabric's proper shape and tension. Softbox is easily assembled, and Bowens-type mount ensures that it may be used along with Quantuum flashes and similar products of other brands.





  • Gives soft, strongly distributed lighting,
  • Precise light control owing to distinctive, intensified profile,
  • Universal Bowens-type mount,
  • Framework made of 8 steel bars,
  • Double light dispersing diffuser,
  • Internal part finished with silver, non-uniform fabric,
  • Two-part material allowing for fast assembly and disassembly,
  • A flange with a sewed in Velcro fastener for honeycomb attachment,
  • A handy cover included in the kit.




  DeepOCTA 95 DeepOCTA 120
Diameter: 95cm 120cm
Depth: 54cm 62cm
Weight: 1,57kg 1,91kg



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