The umbrella design of the softbox allows quick assembly. The frame running through the middle and flexible wires supporting the whole reduce weight and allow you to work effectively with smaller lamps. All elements are covered with a layer of non-slip material, thanks to which they effectively tension the canopy and do not slip on the diffusion material. The diffusion material has a reinforcement in the central part, which protects it from abrasion due to repeated use. The high quality of all materials guarantees effective work for a long time.




Quadralite Lantern has a Bowens system adapter, the use of the most popular mounting standard made it possible to use it with a whole range of available flash units and continuous LED light.


Key product features:

  • spherical shape
  • design for quick folding and unfolding
  • soft and even light
  • wide beam angle 270°
  • Available in two variants: 65 cm and 85 cm



Product name Quadralite Lantern Softbox 65cm Quadralite Lantern Softbox 85cm
Mount Bowens Bowens
Angle of light scattering 270° 270°
Diameter 65cm 85cm
Depth 55cm 70cm



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